About Us

Fit-Up Sports is a UK based Online Martial Arts store established in 1997 to meet the demands of the European Market at the most competitive prices available without compromising on quality. We have brought together a wide range of Boxing Equipment, Kickboxing equipment, Boxing gloves, Boxing gear, Punch bags, Martial Arts uniforms for all styles (including Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Jujitsu & more) at the lowest possible prices.

Whether you need Boxing Equipment for personal fitness, Training or Competitions, we cater for a wide range of needs to make your Online Shopping experience at the UK’s one of the Best Online Boxing store as pleasant and convenient as possible. We stock Excellent quality Boxing gloves, Sparring gloves, Boxing Headgear, Boxing clothing, Boxing shoes, Chest protectors, Ladies chest guards, Medicine ball and Speed balls
, filled or unfilled Boxing punch bags, Bag gloves, Skipping ropes and many other accessories are also offered at your Boxing store to meet your requirements.

Have you taken the kickboxing challenge? Excellent! Visit our online kickboxing store for a wide range of kickboxing equipment and clothing, for you to train hard while staying safe. We have a wide range of kickboxing gloves, head gear, foot protectors, body protectors
,, ladies chest protectors, shin pads, groin guards, kick shields, focus pads and punch bags. To make the experience even more convenient and affordable we are also offering kickboxing equipment at reduced prices.

We believe quality martial arts equipment and martial arts uniform is essential for training at any level. We stock only the best quality karate uniform, taekwondo uniform, martial arts belts, martial arts shoes, bag gloves, semi contact mitts, shin pads, kick shields, focus pads,
hand wraps and wrist wraps.

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Here at Fitup, customer satisfaction is of primary importance. In fact, our in-house manufacturing units have been continuously evolving our product lines as a direct result of feedback from our valuable customers. We offer 14 days return or exchange policy and an excellent delivery service. Happy shopping!